Joseph, this one´s for you...

"This is a re-search laboratory. Re-search means look again, don´t it? Means they are looking for something they found once and it got away somehow, and now they got to re-search for it!"

Haha, laughed so hard that I cried when reading it...

From the book Cat´s cradle, written by: Kurt Vonnegut

Cat´s cradle is a 1963 science fiction novel, it explores issues of science, technology and religion, satirizing the arms race a
nd many other targets along the way. (Wikepedia)

Postat av: Bengt

Läser den just nu...

Postat av: josefin

Hej hej anna,

har hittat till din blogg först nu. ni verkar ju ha det hur grymt som helst. I lule är det typ kallt o isigt och ganska långt från sol o bad vädret ni verkar ha. Jag har jobbat lite på nordea men annars är det mest sjukt mkt i skolan, jag har just haft tenta i statistik...usch!

Ha det bra! Puss o kram//josefin

(jo, shit va grymt med långt hår, har du gjort extensions? annars har den något magiskt i maten där om ditt hår växt sådär?! kram)

2008-10-29 @ 19:19:41
Postat av: Joseph

OK RESEARCH can mean look again. BUT, it does not mean that what you knew 'got away'. It means that you look again and again until you understand even better what you thought you understood before. Annelie will explain it to you!!!

2008-10-30 @ 19:50:37
Postat av: Joseph

FOR MICKE - Bastu sounds 'toppen'. They say that we are going to get the first snow in Stockholm tonite. To be serious!!! What date are u flying East?? Annelie said that you would like to spend the night before you travel with us. You are VERY WELCOME, even if it looks like you will win the 'comments' competition! (I can continue when you are there though!)

2008-10-30 @ 19:56:02

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