day 2 - Dam Sen waterpark

We had lots of fun at Dam Sen waterpark, the slides were really crazy! But the weather was stupid and refused to give us some sunshine. So we were freezing after a few hours. The waterparked was crowded with cute little Vietnamese children. They were all so friendly and wanted to talk and play with us. I wanted to take a bunch of them home to Sweden!!!

Pontus made a funny film from the day at the waterpark, check it out!

Day 1 - The Cu chi tunnels

We headed for the Cu Chi tunnels early in the morning. On the way over there, we stopped to take a look at some handicaped handicrafts factory. I wanted to buy something really big, but Annelie helped me to get a hold on myself...

Pontus & Annelie goes "Vietcongs"

Pontus is flexing, as always :)


Dead serious and not at all playing with the dolls

Nasty traps, made to catch Americans


We asked to be dropped at the Vietnamese war memorial museum on the way back from Cu Chi. We are now Vietnam war experts. The exibition made us a bit nauseous, the photos were really strong.

Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon

Yeah, we are here. Me, Annelie and Pontus are installed in a nice room with three beds, a tiny telly and wireless internet that want`s to be "borrowed". Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, the old name, is the most chaotic city I`ve ever been to. The traffic is insane. Dispite that it is suicide to cross the street I think that we`ll have a great week here. Tomorrow we are going to the Cu Chi Tunnels. Excited and a bit frightened about that...

Chrismas vodka

Don`t forget to check out
PONTUS BLOG, after all he is the pro photografer in this group...

Lots of love from Vietnam ♥

yeah! we are leaving Singapore and going to "Nam"

Finally it is over!!!!!
We are going to Vietnam tomorrow morning!!!!!!!


This is so weird, but OH SO FUNNY!

Tomorrow it´ll be over, yeah!

Ika i rutan - what was up with that?

Oh my goood! Have been watching "Ika i rutan" on youtube the last couple of hours! I hated that show when I was a kid, and I don´t blame myself. This is so weird and druggy. Love it now, it´s really artsy and innovative. But it is not very suiting for young kids, think I was four when I saw it.

Just look at this episode, I mean, what´s up with all the happy pills? And the music, I really understand why it freaked me out at the age of four.

I will post more videoclips later, right now I´m on the floor laughing...

The skeleton dance in the end, OMG!!!! This is a must see...

weird friday

Hmm yesterday wasn´t really the best day ever. I got some serious chestpain on Thursday and it wasn´t gone when I woke up on Friday. Sara and Annelie insisted that I should go to the medical center, and with all the weird pain I couldn´t really argue about it. Had to do both an ECG and a X-ray on my chest. I had no weird lung- or heart disease, which is comforting. But damn, all this stress. I think it is good that I´m only here for one semester...

Was kind of freaked out after the visit at the medical center so the studying did not work out that great. Everyone was going out in the evening, except for me and Annelie, who stayed home and played scrabble online against eachother. Not very impressive for a Friday night :)
And no cred for choosing innovating nicknames... (åhusanna & mickelover)

Got a little bit pissed after loosing against some stupid chic that was some kind of pro att scrubble. Started to look at prom dresses instead. We are thinking about getting some tailored in Vietnam. While googeling around I got a crush on Keira Knightley... She is so gorgeous!!!!!

One a clock Sara came over after a fancy dinner down town, and shortly after that Pontus called. "Anna you must come and pick me up, I´m lying under a bush". Nothing else to do than picking him up, and of course have a good laugh about it. Talking to a wasted Pontus was by far the most interesting we did last night. If you want to know the story about him almost getting arrested, check out his blog.

The Swedish minister of Education

Finally, something really interesting has happened here in this studymaniac place. On Wednesday after the exam, (which by the way wasn´t that bad) we were invited to a fancy event...

The Swedish minister of Education, a.k.a Janne B and his delegation are on a trip around south east Asia, to compare Asian unis with the Swedish ones. And he wanted to met us to get our opinions in the matter.

The gang was really exicited :)

Free dinner and alcohol got all of us in a supergoody mood...

Janne tells me that this guy is a jolly good fella... Then the nice guy dropped all his contactcards on the floor, when trying to give me one.

When the mingle was over, me and Annelie got the best?! idea... "Let´s go back to our room and finish our bottles of Absolut!" And so we did...

Well, it started raining so we had to take cover under the roof...

Our neighbors didn´t really appreciate us partying outside their rooms, so we had to continue in our tiny little room.
Cosy time!

Two more exams to go, then we´re good to go!

Study, study, study

Yep, spent the entire day in school...

LOL! Found this in our room today...

Me and Annelie have found a new barbiedoll now that Max has left us :)

One more week, then we´re out of here!!!!!!


Arrrgh! Boring day!
Nothing fun to report...

But this song cheers me up each and every day, the mountainclimber that I´ve become :)

Mambo night

What a great night. Lots of dancing, indeed. I guess you´re never too old to dance to Grease and other disco classics. We had so much fun! And came home real late...

Pre-party and taxiride

Lazy day today :)
Lots of sleeping and eating.

Tomorrow is a new day, which will be dedicated to Financial management...


Even if we have been kind of beaten this week, due to the extreme activities that Borneo provided, I guess that life goes on.
So another week on campus passed, in some kind of foggy way...

The week involved A LOT of studying. For the upcoming exams, and for all the final group presentations we are having. The pics above are from the course decision tools for managers. It was a great success :)

Sushinite with Nate, Chris and Gloria! Onlyone missing was Mäxie...
Pontus screamed "aw look how cute the slippers are, take i pic of me in them". We suspect that A-team are having a bad influence on him...

Went to another casting, was lots of fun and a bit stupid... Had nothing to do with the pic though...

We are getting ready to leave Singapore, tried to pack yesterday to figure what to bring with me for the last months travelling. So ready for that now! Nov 25th, the countdown has started...

Anyone wanna buy some books? Super funny all of them, promise!

We´ve been watching movies with Pontus every single nite this week. We are a small family now, like three teens :)
Watching movies is really the best gettaway from all the studies... Damn there is a lot to do now!

But tonite we are going out partying! First time since the Halloweenparty (almost one month ago)!

Mt Kinabalu; the top

Yeeeej, we made it!!!!!!!!!!!

Mt Kinabalu; the night

Damn, we were so cold when we reached the accomodation. Lots of coffee and tea that night. Being exhausted from the climbing during the day and knowing that we had to get up 2 am to continue, we went to bed really early.

The sunset was amazing.

Still very cold when we got in bed...

Mt Kinabalu; day 1

We got a flat tyre on our way to the mountain, had to wait for half an hour, so we took the opportunity to hug, eat some breakfast and enjoy the beautiful view.

Some pics from the first six hours of climbing. 6km of very steep steps, you could so feel it in the legs, and because of the altitude, the air was very thin, so we had to stop every now and then to catch our breath (and eat tons of chocolate and nuts).

Borneo; day one cont.

After booking the accomodation on Mt Kinabalu, the girlteam took off to an really beautiful island, once again the boatride was the best part! Someone loves boates here :) The guys went to the Zoo instead, but me and Annelie got enough of trapped animals when in KL.

We had some delicious satay for dinner, and the day ended with my best massage ever. One and a half hour of wonderfulness...

Kota Kinabalu

Some pics from the town we stayed in, the first two days...

Back in Singapore

And possibly more exausted than ever before! We climbed the highest montain in south east Asia yesterday! Mount Kinabalu, 4095m above sea... I honestly can´t walk today, my legs are so sore. When I try, I look like a penguin because I can´t bend my knees. Pain!!!!!

Borneo was absolutely amazing though, have a lot of pics to show... But I must warn you, we look like fifteen year olds on a schooltrip on the mountain climbing pictures :)

Loading pics seems to take forever tonite, so you will have to wait some more for the ones were we actually are ON Borneo.

Check out
Pontus´s blog, if you want to know why we hate Pizza hut @ Borneo