On a hot Singaporean Saturday...Max and Anna set out to find the hidden Sentosa Geocache hidden on the small fake concrete island theme park near the mainland. After a swim in polluted, shipment tanker ridden waters, the adventure began. We headed west past screaming small Asian children with hotdogs and beach balls. We honed in on our coorditetes, climbed jagged rocks and past giant sea iguanas toward the hidden treasure. The path narrowed. The sky became dark and dismal. The angry ocean churned and attempted to sweep us into its salty sea. We trekked on. At last, we came to a small rocky cove that seemed to be the hiding place of the cache. We searched but had no luck. Then above on the lush cliffside we noticed a long thick climbing rope. Could this be the way to the treasure? We decided to give it a go. We scrambled barefoot up the muddy cliffside. A few meters up we noticed what looked like a military bunker. Any exit maybe? With the rocks and crashing surf that surged below, turning back was no longer an option. Another muddy rope brought us to a small wood rotten staircase. It creaked and bowed under our feet. We treaded carefully onward. As we approached the bunker we heard loud shouting voices. "Stop"... "Surrender"... "Now..." Anna screamed "Their going to shoot us!" I could barely hear the voices above and asked Anna what they were saying? She started yelling at me in some unintelligible language I assumed was Swedish. "What" I said. "There going to shoot us" she yelled. I decided to give it a closer look as she stood paralyzed on the the cliffside. Like the stupid American I am I slöwly creeped toward the bunker. Loud angry voices could be heard but something about them sounded strange. Then a realization. It was a looped tape recording playing. I climbed the railing toward the building and had another terrible scare when I saw an armed Asian manikin with an M16. “What is this place?” I wondered. Then a sign that read "Singaporean WWII memorial". So we realized it was safe and the voices of them men that had almost shot us dead were only puppets in this strange theme park. We laughed and entered the exhibit, only to be thrown out 5 mins later because we were barely clothed and covered in mud. And that is the story of how Anna almost died in Singapore!

Jag lät Max skriva historian då det verkligen var en upplevelse utöver det vanliga. Hade jag skrivit den själv så hade ni ju garanterat trott att jag överdrev.

Postat av: Micke

Hahaha, perfect!

2008-08-13 @ 21:22:41
Postat av: Schack

lol, sweet story :)

2008-08-14 @ 15:09:22
Postat av: Sandra

Men Anna, typiskt dig! Du visste ju trots allt att du var i en theme park ;)! hahahaha! Miss you!

2008-08-16 @ 09:18:53

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