Ciao amigos

We are going to BORNEO today!


Land Areas: 743,330 square kilometers (287,000 square miles, 74.33 million hectares, or 183.68 million acres)
Human Population: 17.7 million

  • Malaysia (states of Sabah and Sarawak) (26.7%)
  • Brunei (Sultanate) (0.6%)
  • Indonesia (Kalimantan - West, Central, South, and East) (72.6%)
    Biodiversity: 15,000 plant species, more than 1400 amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles, unknown insects
    Percent Forest Cover: Around 50%
  • Borneo, the third largest island in the world, was once covered with dense rainforests. With swampy coastal areas fringed with mangrove forests and a mountainous interior, much of the terrain was virtually impassable and unexplored. Headhunters ruled the remote parts of the island until a century ago.

  • Joseph, this one´s for you...

    "This is a re-search laboratory. Re-search means look again, don´t it? Means they are looking for something they found once and it got away somehow, and now they got to re-search for it!"

    Haha, laughed so hard that I cried when reading it...

    From the book Cat´s cradle, written by: Kurt Vonnegut

    Cat´s cradle is a 1963 science fiction novel, it explores issues of science, technology and religion, satirizing the arms race a
    nd many other targets along the way. (Wikepedia)

    Today, in pics

    A day of hard studying and sleeping. Woke up after a good ten hour sleep...

    On my way to the school, had a nice little break in the sunny weather. So what, that it is a 10 minute walk, a break is always nice, indeed!

    Coffe and icecream, in order to stay alert :)

    And, not to end up like the guys next to me...

    Came home from school, only to fall asleep again, in all my pp-slides. Slept for almost two hours. Zzzzz

    Woke up to have a nice evening snack with my darlings, Annelie and Sara...

    Annelie found a ugly hairthingy on the ground, kicked it around for i bit, before she realized that it would look soooo pretty in my dirty hair :)

    Over and out! Goodnight everybody, I´m going back to sleep again...


    Time for a "small" update again...

    ♥ First of all, I´ve bought a new computer, it is so cute and tiny and I just LOVE it. Now I´m able to bring my computer anytime, anywhere, anyplace. And that I will! I hereby proudly present my new best buddy, the Acer Aspire One:

    ♥ I found some music on a file on my computer, some really nice music indeed. Super excited about that since I´ve been a bit bored with the music I have, and it´s not possible to download any new down here. Found 25 songs, and twenty of them are songs that I love and have been missing alot! Happy time!!!!!

    ♥ We had a presentation this Friday. Went good and now we have no more lessons in that course, Happy time again!

    ♥ And, we had our last lesson in fincial management, finally! They´ve been boring me to death...

    ♥ I´ve had my first job down here for the agency. It was a contact lense trial, and stupid me signed that, of course I know how to use contact lenses. I´m lucky though, Sara is such a cutie and had a lesson with me before the job. Only problem was that her lenses were really strong so I could really not see a thing in them. Was worse than drinking too much wine :)
    The job was alot of fun, tried out 20 lenses in different colors. Loved the really blue and brown ones! Unfortunalety the trial was confidental, so I was not allowed to take any photos...

    Haha, could really not see a thing, or walk straight!

    Because of all the study we needed to do this weekend (group projects and studying for a quiz on Tuesday), me and Annelie made the very mature decision to stay home from the crazy party this Friday. Instead we went to the gym and had a really nice workout. Watched a movie with Pontus after that, and ate a whole lot of chocolate and chips, well deserved if you ask me...

    ♥ Saturday night was supposed to be a "white" night as well. But me, Annelie and Pontus decided that drinking some wine was a nice idea for the evening. One glass led to another and the evening ended up being not white at all. But we had a really fun night, and Nate stopped by for a chat.

    Yeah, we´re in our sweatpants, without make-up, fancy time!

    What´s happening back in Sweden? Tell me? I think that it´s a bit very boring that you, my beloved readers are so lousy at leaving comments! So come on, write something nice to light up my day...

    Lots and lots of love ♥♥♥

    A campus tour...

    Yesterday was the 24th of October, which means that in only one month, we will be finished with our studies here at Nanyang University. Time really flies! I´m really loving every single day here, so I´m not really looking forward to pack all my belongings and leave this beautiful garden campus. Even though I miss everyone at home alot... Mixed feelings indeed.

    Barbie´s car? The pink VW-Beetle

    I think that I´ve found the car of my life ♥
    Too cute to be true...

    Me and Annelie wants to drive it back to Sweden, that would be one hell of a roadtrip!!!

    Sushi making course and Staffis

    We had a lot of fun making the sushi last night. The best part was of course the eating, which took place at Staff club. Sushi making was actually not that hard, me and Annelie will probaly make a lot of sushi when we´re back in Luleå.

    Today is a sad day, Max left early this morning and campus feels very empty without him...

    Sushi making course tonight, YUM!

    Halloween party @ Singapore

    And a lovely night it was!

    A house party with ~ 750 exchange students, all wearing costumes.

    Photoshop is the shit?!

    Got the montage below from
    Pontus earlier today, damn he is so good at photoshop, I wanna learn too...

    Tried to play a bit with some photos myself, time  consuming and hard on the patience indeed...

    Late night at the museum

    Me and Annelie paid the National museum of Singapore a visit, on a Friday night, yeah!

    Halloweenparty tonight


    ♥ We have had our best lecture so far this week, a guest speeker named Sasha. He had a bunch of interesting real life stories to tell. I actually listened to every single word he said, four hours without loosing interest, good job Sasha! The best part was how he ended the lesson; "Let the sun be with you". And it has actually...

    ♥ We went to Staff club the other night to buy tickets for the huge halloweenparty on Saturday, really looking forward to that...

    ♥ Our beloved IKEA got a visit from us this week, we needed to buy some costume supplies for the party. And while at IKEA you might as well eat until you roll down the stairs, and so I did...

    YUM! Salmon, cooked potatoes and creamy sauce ;)


    Pontus goes Bingo again

    Pontus still needs to take a lot of pictues every week for his photo courses. And since we are his good friends, we agreed to help him out this week. We actually got access to one of the constructions areas here at campus, and had a really good time climbing around ladders and concrete thingis.

    If you want to see the rest of the pics, click on his name →
    Pontus blog

    The week that passed...

    The week that passed I´ve been really busy posting all the photos from the trip, but that doesn´t mean that our life down here stopped. It´s has been kind of a fun week actually. Even though I´ve been sick and forbidden to exercise and drink alcohol. So what have I been up to?

    ♥ The interior design fair, which sadly turned out to be a huge disappointment. Went there by myself, feeling very sick, and got off at the wrong MRT station. The fair was so tiny, really a waste of time. At least got to drink a really nice cup of cappuccino & a super delicious cheesecake. A Swedish “fika” and a really good one.

    ♥ I´ve eaten a lot of sushi this week. Had sushi with Annelie on Sunday, forgot to call Maggie, so I ended up going to Boon Lay for sushi to days in a row. But I´m not complaining about that at all, sushi is so yum! Saw a film at the cinema after sushi dinner #2, Eagle eye. I really miss hanging out in my sofa back in Luleå, watching movies and eating pizza on Sundays with the gang.

    ♥ We´ve also spent a lot of time doing our homework and attending classes. We´ve spent even more time being anxious about school and trying to be efficient but failing brutally. Yesterday we spent all day trying to maneuver this financial computer program online, but it continued kicking us out.

    ♥ We had a true halleluleja moment one night after staff club (the campus pub), we found a 24h supermarket. All the late nights being really hungry has finally come to an end. Adam even sung “En helt ny värld” from Aladdin when we entered the store, that gave me goose bumps.

    ♥ I´ve watched a presidential debate with Max and Nate. It was actually really interesting, but I had to keep my mouth shot for almost two hours, which was a bit of a challenge. Talking is really my favorite thing to do :) Me and Max have been working on a prank and we got Nate so hard the other night, he totally freaked out!

    ♥ Another thing that we´ve been doing is being angry with the weather down here. It´s always sunny and lovely weather when we´re in school. But as soon as we have some time off, it´s always raining like never before. We had no lessons Thursday and waited all day for some sun so that we could go to the pool. Did we get any? No! Bloody raining all day. On Friday when we once again was stuck in school the whole day the sky was clear and blue and the sun was shining. Why god, why? I haven´t been in my bikini one single minute since we got back from Thai.

    ♥ Last night we all went out to Zouk. The preparty was really good, no wonder Swedes have a bad reputation when it comes to drinking alcohol…

    Last pics from Thailand :)

    My ponytail is the same colour as the horse´s :)

    Me and Pontus had the best time horse back riding and riding the scooter...

    We all became scooter nerds, but it really was so much fun!

    Kata beach

    Pontus did some surfing, and stood up on the first try, I´m proud like a mother :)

    Our bungaloooow

    Last dinner in Thailand, Patong

    You really need to check out Pontus and Eriks bloggs as well for more pics and travelstories...

    Just click on their names below...


    Phuket, Kata beach

    Phi Phi

    The loveley boatride from Rai Leh to Phi phi, we all got a bit roasted though...

    Me and Annelie on a romantic dinner of our own...

    We actually didn´t do much on Phi phi, we only stayed 2 nights and since we went out on the first, the second day&night was a bit lame and lazy.

    Climbing like a rockstar

    We did some rock climbing at Rai Leh. Had no idea that climbing was a part of the plan for the day, if I had, I would have choosen a different outfit. Climbing in a short dress and flipflops, was not the best experience ever. But hey, I´ve heard " It´s all about the looks", right...

    A big tree, in deed!

    ”At the lagoon”

    This is the part when it all got a bit surreal. The four of us (me, Annelie, Erik & Max), walked around the lagoon for a while, checking out a really cool cave where someone´s possibly living. Crossing the water on our way back, we met Rob from Canada. Nothing weird about that more that he climbed all the way by himself. After all the usual greetings (where u from/where u been) etc. we all ended up sitting in a perfect circle in the very middle of the lagoon. Surrounded by 90° vertical stone walls, we ended up discussing WW2. I´ve no idea how we got in to it, but the argumentation got a bit intense when they (Rob&Max) accused us (the Swedes) for being cowards during the war. We stopped the discussion before anyone’s feelings got hurt. But still, it was such a weird experience being full of adrenaline from the climbing, the peacefulness of the well hidden lagoon and us sitting in a circle in the middle of the thing arguing about something that happened so many years ago.

    When we got out of the water, Rob rolled some Indonesian palm tree smokes, and peace was reestablished.
    The way back was so exciting; you could see the beautiful beach stretching out below. The climbing down was actually almost as fun as climbing up. I felt like a river floating down the mountain, in the spring, when the snow is melting…

    The view we had while climbing down...

    Rai Leh beach - partytime

    ♥ Erik
    ♥ Erik, A girl from Israel and me
    ♥ Rob from Canada and my darling
    ♥ Me and a Swedish girl
    ♥ Smokin
    ♥ On the way to the reggae bar
    ♥ Legally blonde
    ♥ Live thai boxing

    Rai Leh beach

    My computer and photoshop refuses to co-operate, so here comes some plain pictures from superbeautiful Rai Leh beach...


    cool cliff



    and breakfast...

    Krabi town and some heavy luggage

    After some wonderful days in KL we all flew to Krabi and the small peninsula Rai Leh. I don´t really know what I was thinking when I did my packing, probably nothing at all, because when we came to Krabi I carried some serious overweight. Max was heading in to Krabi town anyway to send a gift for a girl back home, so I followed him. Five kilos and 500 SEK later I felt so ready for the beautiful beaches of Rai Leh...

    Some photos of Krabi town. Note all the wires, crazy!

    Det kostar att ligga på topp

    Livet som rockstjärna är inte alltid lätt. Det är fredagkväll och jag sitter hemma och tycker synd om mig själv. Alla de andra är ute och gör Singapore osäkert. Sjuk som attan och täckt med blåmärken och sönderkliade myggbett. Blåmärke på låret från bodyboarden, blåmärke på vaden från ridningen, då jag bara hade ankelhöga boots. Så här sitter jag, knaprar piller och väntar på att må bättre. Har precis köpt ett headset så dagens nöje har varit att prata med vännerna hemma på skype. Är det någon som vill prata med mig så adda mig: anna_lantz1
    Mår jag lite bättre om några dagar så kanske till och med webcamen kan komma på tal :)

    Jag vill verkligen bli frisk nog så att jag kan åka in och kolla in den här inredningsmässan som går av stapeln nu i helgen. Har sett fram emot den länge nu. Måste ju utnyttja att man bor i storstad och inte lilla Lule...

    Har nog minsann en liten släng av hemlängtan idag...
    Så, en megasuperstor kram till er alla där hemma ♥

    Monorail is the shit

    In Singapore we have the MRT, but in KL they have a MONORAIL. Yay, exactly like the one they build in an Simpson episode. I was really fascinated and excited about the monorail, and when the time finally came for us to ride it, we couldn´t find a station. We asked some guys and they ended up walking us there. Only problem was that it was a 30 minute walk and they could barely say a word in English. On top of that the station was located almost on the spot that we were staying at. I really wanted to ride it, so we ended up going all the way in one direction, and then we just got back the same way. I smiled the whole time and took A LOT of pictures.

    The Monorail station close to our homestay...

    After dawn...

    Me and Annelie didn´t really explore the night life of KL. After running round the city all days we were kind of tired. Had a couple of really nice dinners though. With wine, damn I miss red wine so much here in Singapore. It´s too f-ing expensive with wine here. Met up with Max, he was supposed to go to Bali and surf, but the waves would have killed him, so he tagged along with us instead. Which actually turned out to be much less safer than he expected. Erik came from Tioman, so all four of us headed to Krabi together.

    Behind the malls...

    The "must see" when you´re in KL

    Alright, been there done that :)