The Swedish minister of Education

Finally, something really interesting has happened here in this studymaniac place. On Wednesday after the exam, (which by the way wasn´t that bad) we were invited to a fancy event...

The Swedish minister of Education, a.k.a Janne B and his delegation are on a trip around south east Asia, to compare Asian unis with the Swedish ones. And he wanted to met us to get our opinions in the matter.

The gang was really exicited :)

Free dinner and alcohol got all of us in a supergoody mood...

Janne tells me that this guy is a jolly good fella... Then the nice guy dropped all his contactcards on the floor, when trying to give me one.

When the mingle was over, me and Annelie got the best?! idea... "Let´s go back to our room and finish our bottles of Absolut!" And so we did...

Well, it started raining so we had to take cover under the roof...

Our neighbors didn´t really appreciate us partying outside their rooms, so we had to continue in our tiny little room.
Cosy time!

Two more exams to go, then we´re good to go!


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