Even if we have been kind of beaten this week, due to the extreme activities that Borneo provided, I guess that life goes on.
So another week on campus passed, in some kind of foggy way...

The week involved A LOT of studying. For the upcoming exams, and for all the final group presentations we are having. The pics above are from the course decision tools for managers. It was a great success :)

Sushinite with Nate, Chris and Gloria! Onlyone missing was Mäxie...
Pontus screamed "aw look how cute the slippers are, take i pic of me in them". We suspect that A-team are having a bad influence on him...

Went to another casting, was lots of fun and a bit stupid... Had nothing to do with the pic though...

We are getting ready to leave Singapore, tried to pack yesterday to figure what to bring with me for the last months travelling. So ready for that now! Nov 25th, the countdown has started...

Anyone wanna buy some books? Super funny all of them, promise!

We´ve been watching movies with Pontus every single nite this week. We are a small family now, like three teens :)
Watching movies is really the best gettaway from all the studies... Damn there is a lot to do now!

But tonite we are going out partying! First time since the Halloweenparty (almost one month ago)!

Postat av: Stina

hej! jag fick ditt vykort idag, det var jätte fint! alla i korren var imponerade av ett 4000 meters berg!

denna vackan har jag jobbat på sj varje dag, det är helt klart det tråkigaste jobb som jag har haft! det suger totalt.

Längtar efter dig, jag vill shoppa med dig!

puss och kram

2008-11-12 @ 23:26:11

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