Borneo; day one cont.

After booking the accomodation on Mt Kinabalu, the girlteam took off to an really beautiful island, once again the boatride was the best part! Someone loves boates here :) The guys went to the Zoo instead, but me and Annelie got enough of trapped animals when in KL.

We had some delicious satay for dinner, and the day ended with my best massage ever. One and a half hour of wonderfulness...

Postat av: Joseph

Greetings from Washington, USA. Obama fever here. Warmer than Stockholm, 20C. I am so impressed with the mountain climb - did u not need oxygen??? The pics are wonderful. I just wonder how how how are the A-team going to settle down in Lule after Xmas!!!???

2008-11-07 @ 02:51:38

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