Day 1 - The Cu chi tunnels

We headed for the Cu Chi tunnels early in the morning. On the way over there, we stopped to take a look at some handicaped handicrafts factory. I wanted to buy something really big, but Annelie helped me to get a hold on myself...

Pontus & Annelie goes "Vietcongs"

Pontus is flexing, as always :)


Dead serious and not at all playing with the dolls

Nasty traps, made to catch Americans


We asked to be dropped at the Vietnamese war memorial museum on the way back from Cu Chi. We are now Vietnam war experts. The exibition made us a bit nauseous, the photos were really strong.

Postat av: Joseph

Wow, looks very interesting. Tell Annelie that Sven has her bag and will bring it home.

2008-11-28 @ 20:03:29
Postat av: Micke

Aaah fina bilder! Tänker på er hela tiden nu! Imorgon + 1 dag så är jag i stockholm!!!! Vad har hänt med annelies ansikte på sista bilden? =)


2008-11-28 @ 21:46:45

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