weird friday

Hmm yesterday wasn´t really the best day ever. I got some serious chestpain on Thursday and it wasn´t gone when I woke up on Friday. Sara and Annelie insisted that I should go to the medical center, and with all the weird pain I couldn´t really argue about it. Had to do both an ECG and a X-ray on my chest. I had no weird lung- or heart disease, which is comforting. But damn, all this stress. I think it is good that I´m only here for one semester...

Was kind of freaked out after the visit at the medical center so the studying did not work out that great. Everyone was going out in the evening, except for me and Annelie, who stayed home and played scrabble online against eachother. Not very impressive for a Friday night :)
And no cred for choosing innovating nicknames... (åhusanna & mickelover)

Got a little bit pissed after loosing against some stupid chic that was some kind of pro att scrubble. Started to look at prom dresses instead. We are thinking about getting some tailored in Vietnam. While googeling around I got a crush on Keira Knightley... She is so gorgeous!!!!!

One a clock Sara came over after a fancy dinner down town, and shortly after that Pontus called. "Anna you must come and pick me up, I´m lying under a bush". Nothing else to do than picking him up, and of course have a good laugh about it. Talking to a wasted Pontus was by far the most interesting we did last night. If you want to know the story about him almost getting arrested, check out his blog.


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