I´m in love...

... with a band!!!!

Billie the vision and the dancers!!!!!

Been surfing their
homepage the entire day, you can download their music for free! And, you can buy t-shirts and posters. So, if you really want to, you can buy me a t-shirt and send it to me. I promise I wouldn´t mind :)

And, it gets better, they have their own billieblog!
Lucky German bastards, Billie´s playing in Leipzig und Bremen in October.
What about Singapore?

Found an old blogpost, one and a half year ago when I saw them live back home in Kristianstad. You can read it here...
The post was also funny because of the cookie incident, on Swedish national radio, channel P3. So, read and laugh!

Bad pictures, but good concert! Even though it was alcohol & drugfree.

Postat av: Schmitten

Ooooooh I wanna see them live too... Take a trip to germany maby? Or should we try too get them go asia??

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