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After studying all Saturday, and knowing that I need to do the same Monday, I took a well deserved day off. I´m really in chock over the amount of homework that we have to do every week. To avoid getting depressed I started the day at the pool, hung out there for almost five hours. Too bad the sun didn´t show up, my tan is slowly disappearing. Just spending the day outdoors, reading and listening to my beloved Ipod was actually relaxing enough, a girl can´t depend on the weather if she wants´ to stay happy down here. It´s always cloudy and raining, wonder why?

Since the gang (Pontus, Erik, Sanna & Sara), still spent their CSN in Kuala Lumpur, and Annelie had a date with her father, I made Max promise me to do something fun for the evening. The plan was to attend this outdoor rock festival that´s been going on for the entire weekend. On our way to the concerts we wanted to find some treasures...

Unfortunately, we couldn´t find the well hidden treasure. That didn´t bother us to much though, just walking around Singapore is an adventure good enough for me. Compared to Luleå this place´s like paradise!

The rockfestival was situated down at Marina Bay, which is a really nice place for concerts, with the beautiful skyline in the background. The bands playing were a bit of a disappointment, and so was the audince. The entire event was actually kind of lame, when I hear the word rock festival, I think about Hultsfred or Roskilde. This was nothing like that...

Instead of listening to "not very good music", we decided to have some dinner. Which actually didn´t work out that great either. Or could you eat something that looked so similar to, yeah you know what I mean :)
Sitting at the food place our eye´s caught one of the tallest buildings in Singapore, maybe even the tallest. And it looked like it had a bar on top. Well, I guessed it was i Spa, but that turned out to be one lousy guess.
The only problem was that we were dressed for attending a rock concert, not the fanciest bar in Singapore. Just in case they wouldn´t approve our looks, we thought about using the phrase "Excuse me, do you know who I am"? Max of course, not me, who could I be? Since he won this award for the film he made, he wanted to go for the famous director, although I thought that he, if anything, could pass as a rock star.

We entered the hotell that the bar belonged to, acting as we were hotelguests. That worked out fine, until we in the elevator reallised that you need a roomkey to access the bar. This problem was easily solved, a supernice brittish couple let us use their key.

I guess that´s were we ran out of luck, the staff didn´t really approve the way we looked. We were kicked out, didn´t even think about our lifeline, Max being someone famous. Wonder why we forgot that? Atleast we got to look at the beautiful view before we were kicked out, always something.

So, no drinks in the skybar. But with a feeling that a drink might make the evening better. Off to Clarke quey...

At Clarke quay we found these beautiful Chinese rise lamps. Actually they were horoscopes for 2009, and mine said that 2009 will be one shitty year for me. So, I guess that I will have to spend next year to prove the horoscope wrong.

This is were the evening ended. Having a Carlsberg at the bridge, watching this beautiful creation.
Hey, almost forgot, I ran into Annelie´s dad. That´s one weird coincidence, I mean Singapore is a really big place. I guess that it was meant to be. We had a great chat and I and Annelie are having dinner with him later this week.
If anyone else´s up for dinner with us here in Singapore you´re more than welcome to visit!

Lots and lots of love, Anna ♥

Btw, it is NOT okay, under any circumstances, to complain about my attempt to make the blog a bit international!!!!!!

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Som vanligt, snabbast här. Bra inlägg, innehållsrikt. Men, jag vill fortfarande se bilder ifrån campus, boende m,m!

2008-09-02 @ 09:07:31

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